Friday, June 27, 2008

Internet advertsising

Adbrite a substitute for google adsense provides your blog ads according to your blog requirement and the site pays you whenever someone clicks on your ads which are on your site or blog ,just need to submit your blog which has some posts and copy paste the ads bar html code and you are through and will start earning as soon as some one will click the ads of adbrite, only thing required from your side is that you should have a blog which has 15 to 20 decent post and you have to apply on the adbrite website and you will get ads as per the requirement of your blog.Adbrite is pay per click advertising as you know is the case with google adsense ,so it is an option you have beside google adsense.Similarly, there are many advertising sites like blogosphere,cbpro ads which provide ads to site and blogs ,however it is important if you want earn that audience is viewing your website because fake clicks will not work so it is important that you submit your blog or site to search engines,so that the people can search and access that.Social bookmarking sites are also a good option to increase the audience ,so you should submit the blog .I hope this works for you and helps you earn some money.Internet advertising is one of the major source of income of online websites and blogs so if you want be part of it start blogging and writing now,even orkut has started using internet advertising now with google adsense.Bloggers earn mostly through internet advertising and websites like pay per post are paying for writing also .So ,if you start blogging now about your favorites content then you can start earning right away. Internet advertising is beneficial for bloggers and publishers also, as both the parties can earn through this