Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Online Advertising

Online or Internet Advertising is form of advertising or promotion that uses internet or digital medium I.e world wide web ,In online advertising internet is used as marketing medium for products,websites.Like the physical Advertising medium of banner ads ,billboards etc there are online advertising mediums such as banners,text ads,contextual ads,e-mail marketing,all this and lot more constitute online advertising.The biggest advantage of online advertising is that one can customize ads according to ones liking and also as per the look of their website or blogs.Online advertising today is rapidly emerging as the number of people who use internet are increasing because advertisers,and product marketing companies understand that online advertising is widespread platform and today people are very much linked to social networking sites on day to day basis,thus making internet an ideal platform for advertising.Google programs such as google adsense and google adwords work on online advertising.There are various other websites that are involved in online advertising other than google,thus helping people to advertise and also earn.The internet has become a ongoing emerging source that tends to expand more and more. The growth of this particular media attracts the attention of advertisers as a more productive source to bring in consumer. A clear advantage a consumer has with online advertisement is that he or she has control over the item, choosing whether to check it out or not.Online advertisements also can offer various forms of animation.Online advertising comprises all sorts of banner advertisement, e-mail advertising, in game advertising, and keyword advertising, on platforms such as facebook, Twitter, or Myspace has received increased relevance. Web related advertising has a variety of sites to publicize and reach a niche audience to focus its attention to a specific group. Research has proven that online advertising has given results and is a growing business revenue.The most common way in which online advertising is purchased are CPM(Cost Per Mille),”per mille” means per thousand impressions here advertiser pay for exposure of their message to a a specific audience,CPC(cost per click) where advertiser pay each time user clicks and directed to their website,CPA (cost per action) where advertising is performance based,also there are CPL(cost per lead),CPO (cost per order).Affiliate marketing is also a form of online advertising where advertisers place different type of campaigns online.Amazon.com is an example of affiliate marketing and uses online advertising as a platform.


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